Lactation Massager
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Malish Lactation Massager breastfeeding care for nursing moms to relieve pain, swelling, unclog ducts, improve milk flow 100%

Features :
• Heat
• Rechargeable
• Waterproof
• Medical Grade Silicone

Multiple Modes Benefits Include:
• Relief from plugged ducts and engorgement
• Faster milk letdown
• Improved milk flow
• Increased pumping output
• Empties the breast faster
• Softens the breast for better latching

How to Use :
(1) Warm your breast. Malish Lactation Massager is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath.
(2) You may use the back side moving toward area the nipple for 5-10 minutes.
(3) Target clogged ducts with the tip of massager, moving the massager towards the nipple for 2-5 minutes.
(4) Massage breast with the angle side to prepare for latching or pumping and initiative let down.

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